October 16, 2009


Hey readers. Few minutes ago. I just sat around and front of this computer. And then I saw someone tweeting about earthquake just happened again. Please, for you all. Don't you feel that this is sign from Allah to warning us? I already feel that since the first earthquake happened at Padang.

Really, I am afraid of that. Please stop the tears. No more earthquake. We can not stop an earthquake but we can prevent the wrath of Allah. Maybe we were warned by Allah of the earthquakes that frequently occur in this year. In 2 months there is so many an earthquake.

According to the teachings of my religion that profess Islam. This is a small end. An earthquake is small part of the doomsday picture. We as humans have to believe in the existence of the Hour. We do not know when it will happen. If Allah wills,  it happens and no one can stop that. Despite strong as any man. What makes me fear is the Day of Resurrection in Al Quran is written there on Friday. And you know what? Hey this is Friday. Oh come on..

Keep praying for you all. Once again. God is warn us :(

P.S : I have just deleted all my blog rolls. I am really sorry for that guys. Get dizzy when I saw it all! If you want to exchange link just write your req in my Chat Box.