October 20, 2009

Spread It Out

Hey my readers. How are you doing?! Are you fine? I am so so bad right now. There is 2 reasons that really makes me curious and afraid. The most successfully makes me afraid is about my report. This Saturday I will see my report. My score at Middle Test too.

This day : Tuesday. I know about my Civilization score. It such a mess. Just got 70. What a poor score right? Oh hell...
And my Math. Please do not ask it to me. I am little sensitive about the Math score. Oh like I care haha.

Well. I am gonna tell you something in my mind. Recently, I love to see the sunset. Now I can see the fascinating scenery from my room or my balcony. Oh really. Suddenly I was impressed with many beautiful things that God has given to us. No one can makes a really really an amazing nature like this except God :) We should be grateful to God.

So I take a look at my old photos album. I just found out this..

The model is my siblings haha. My sister, Alita and my brother, Yuto. Look at them. What a fulled with love.

I also love this picture so damn much. I do not know exactly why I suddenly love to see the sunset. It can makes me relax and peaceful.

Next time I will posting with the picture too :)