October 16, 2009

Hello There

Hey my blog readers! How are you doing? How are you too?! Hope you all so fine. I'm fine too. Hm exactly not bad. But I'm not really in a good mood now. I just want to say that I have just deleted all my posts in this blog. Why? I don't know exactly why, just want to delete it all. So I'll start posting with different way for this time.

Enough for the prologue. What will we talk about in my first post? Hey I had just finished the dealing with the Middle Test. Oh really it makes my brain want to burst out. There is so many lesson that I must learn for about 5 days. What a tired day. But I am really happy to know it just over haha. But I still worry about my score. Hope I get a pretty well score amen.

And you know what? Some of my friends asked me. "Nan why you so comfortable to be alone recently?" Only that words just I am thinking of until I got home few hours ago. I want to say is "Being alone is not bad at all if you know what exactly you have done to yourself" Honestly I think this is my life now. I don't really care what people say about me.

I feel more comfortable with this condition. I am more interpreted what a experience is for. Makes we want do the best in this life as we can and want to have a better life for sure. I really want it so badly. Establishing a good thing and leave my bad habit is that I had ever done in the past for example. Always do something in the wrong path and use our bad habit is gonna kill yourself and it just make we fall into the darkest path. So what will you do in next? Try to fix it as you can. Do your best. And so do I. Keep pray for me guys. I need your support.

Whatever you want to say for my biggest change in my life but this is me. Not the old me. But the another side and the new me! I want to say goodbye to the old Kinan. Maybe this is odds for some of you to see my rotation. It will need pretty long time.

Prefer to life peacefully! Hahaha. And I just want to get closer with my Lord, Allah and my family. Because for the bright future I do it all.

And the last thing I want to say to you. This day is Oct 16 and it get closer to my birthday! November, 16. Can't wait for the best day ever for me!

So see you in the next posting!