December 21, 2009

Late Update

I MISS EVERYTHING IN THIS BLOG! Finally. It's nice to write my experience again. Hmm where do I begin? Honestly, I'm so sleepy right now. There is so many things to say to you all, readers. But I think I can't finish to tell it one by one this night. Later and I'm promise I will update about it soon. Anyway how about your holiday? I hope you enjoy it but I think I will not be able to enjoy Christmas holiday this year like Christmas holiday last year. 

So many reason why I said like that. First, a few days ago I just received a report and I am very proud of what I've got. But Try Out scores has ruined everything! Just because I got 50 for my Math test (I know maybe you will think I'm the dumbest ever but I've tried my best) and my dad was grounded me! No more internet, social networking, handphones, iPod. EVERYTHING! Oh come on dad. It's unfair. UNFAIR! 21st century kids can not live without gadgets and so am I. Did not you understand about that? And since that chaos I always felt irritable and began to move away from my family. Poor? It's so poor :'(

You know? I always cry when I remember about that chaos.I'm feeling so guilty but at another side I hate my Dad. It's hard, Dad to express my feeling. About what I thought to you. Maybe you will never want to hear me. For you, I'm such a little girl who just know how to be the stupid ever and a girl who always sitting in front of laptop. 

I'm trying, Dad. I'M TRYING oh gosh get me out from this confusing thing :( but I always thought I would be ready to face anything because I believe "don't wish for an easy life" no matter how hurts it feels. I must face it all. I know I can do it and I can prove that to my Mom and Dad. So I can make them proud. And I always try to be a patient girl to face the hardest destruction in my life. Here I am just ridding out the storm ;)

Tomorrow! Mother's Day. And I just remembered that I haven't buy anything for my Mom. I really want to search something and I will give it to my Mom. But I can't make it for this year. I'm sorry Mom. But I always praying in every single step you take you can get the best. Oh ya anyway a few weeks ago I made some poetry for my Mom. I hope she will like it.

And for all Christians have a nice holiday and get ready for Christmas celebration! Haha. I can't wait for Xmas and New Year ;D 

By the way Rest In Peace my fav actress Brittany Murphy :( still can not believe that she just passed away this morning. She will be missed.