February 12, 2010

Labschool Senior High School

Okay, you can see the title I bet maybe you will know about what I will talk about on this post. It is about Labschool Senior High School. About my study. My parents agreed that I'm choosing Labschool Rawamangun as my next Senior High School. Thank God! And the test will be held on February 14, 2010. It's getting closer! Counting down right now. I'm still afraid because I saw all questions from the previous test. From 1999 until now. I don't know exactly when it was started. But at least 1999. I guess. The questions is huge! Haha seriously. So I will ask for some help to my dearest friend, Arum. She is really good at Math and Science! Whoaa imagine that! Study with her is easier than study at my course. Believe it or not but I'm saying the truth that what I've felt about. And I think she would help me too, I really hope so.

The test will be held on February 14, 2010 and it means? It's Valentine's Day people! Hmm anyway about Valentine's Day, I just got home from Mall of Indonesia with my Mom and Aunt. And we watched Valentine's Day. Oh really it's the best movie ever! I love the plot, I love all the cast. There is Jennifer Garner, Aston Kutcher, Eric Dane, Bradley Cooper, Julia Robert, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathway, Patrick Dempsey and guess what? Duo Taylor! Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift! and many more that I can't write it one by one. There is so much things I can learn from that movie. I can learn how to love somebody in the right way and serious way. And we can share our feelings to everyone and Valentine's Day = everyday in this life! Anytime, everywhere, wherever, whoever the person we can still say our feelings. No need to wait the Valentine's Day. I will tell you everything what I've learn from the movie. Amazing, fantastic and very touching!

And for this year, maybe Valentine's Day will be the different one from the previous year. But I don't want to think it seriously. I just let it flow because I'm still teenager. I'm just trying to enjoy my life. What a wonderful life and I can't stop wishing for an amazing life :)

That's all for this time. Tomorrow I should wake up earlier because there is a lot to do at school. And wish me luck for Labschool Test! I need your support.



radith said...

blogwalking yo. visit back. i like your blog :)