February 3, 2010


Hello, okay I will tell you about this day. Wednesday. February 3rd 2010. What a bad day and I'm so nervous for the last lesson at school. What is that? Science. Maybe 252 JHS student know why I'm so nervous about learn Science. The teacher is so discipline about everything and when she always come to class by class the students will sit in their chair and never brave to talk something. Suasanapun menjadi sangat sunyi ketika dia datang. Actually I'm not afraid of her because I can see the positive thing about how to study serious and success. She teach us about discipline of study, attitude. And everytime she came to my class, I'm just try to not nervous. Just relax. I can't think clearly if I always afraid of her. If she ask I will think hey I'm still learning about everything. I'm not the smartest people in this world so it doesn't matter if I can answer her question. But lucky me, I've never got some question from her.

But I think this is my bad day. I've got some question from her! And I did something idiot. I'm sweat at all and I can't say anything. She was talk about digestive and enzymes. Here's the dialogue,

Mrs. Nursinta : Hey kamu! Kamu anak baru ya? Kok saya tidak pernah melihat kamu ya? Ayo sebutkan enzim yang ada pada rongga mulut
Me                 : Emm tidak saya bukan anak baru kok Bu. Jawabannya aduh apa ya.... (I know about the answer but I didn's say it because I'm so nervous. It's for the first time I got question from her)
Mrs. Nursinta : Hah! (Pergi mencari mangsa yang lain eh I mean she search someone else to answer the question)

But it's not over. There is one thing! Pas ditanya soal lemak, "Apakah ada lemak yang dihasilkan tumbuhan?" Saya hanya menggeleng-geleng eh dia ngeliat lagi! Dia bilang dengan suara lantang "Hey neng! Kenapa kok geleng-geleng kan ada tumbuhan menghasilkan lemak" Dan everybody look at me. Stupid and idiot.

This is very unlucky day. And after that incident I will learn about everything at 'SKL' so if next time she ask me some question I can answer that easily. Because I have bad feeling. She know me now and maybe I will be her next target.